0.2 Alpha is finally complete!

Right, I’ve been waiting until there was actually something to show of Ionage before starting the development blog but I think the time has finally come.

The Alpha 0.2 is finished, and I’ve put the first screenshots in the gallery page. This is a big deal to me because it’s the very first playable version of game. It’s a simple cut-down version of a normal skirmish against the AI – but there is a game in there and what’s more, it’s actually fun to play thank god!

Alpha 0.2 is complete screenshot

The AI is the yellow one at the top who’s about to smash me to pieces while I spend my time taking pretty screenshots – doh!

I’ve just been playtesting this version with a few close friends because without all the basic game mechanics I don’t think it’s worth putting it out yet.

Over the next few weeks while I’m working on the next version of the app – 0.3, which will be going out for public testing – I’m going to start populating the gameplay section of this website. Every few days I’ll write up a bit of the gameplay as a blog post and by then end we should have a manual of sorts explaining how the game works.