Advice on securing a publisher

A video presentation of the talk I gave at the Games Funding Forum on 23rd October this year.

A number of people have asked for the presentation slides to this talk. However it’s one of those talks where there’s not much info on the slides themselves, it’s really about the stuff I say around them.

I thought about writing it all down in a blog post but then I thought “Hey, you’ve already prepared this presentation, why don’t you just record yourself doing it one more time and put it online!” So I did.

The talk is about how I leveraged the lessons I took from my first game, Ionage, and used them to secure funding for my next game, Big Pharma.

I share stories from my own experience of getting funding and try to give advice to those who are seeking funding currently.

There’s only so much you can fit into a presentation before it gets waffley so there’s so much detail that I’ve had to leave out. If you have any specific questions, then throw them in the comments sections and I’ll try to answer them.