Alpha v0.63 is out!

This is the last version of Ionage that I’m bringing out before release. It showcases:

  • Around the first hour of gameplay from the release version of Ionage.
  • Full campaign mode, complete with unlockable upgrades and specialists.
  • Optional secondary mission objectives to really test your skills!
  • Level up your tribe by unlocking upgrades to get bonus stats and extra specialist slots.
  • Revamped tutorial section.
  • Various UI improvements and extra sound effects
  • Still no music! Sorry!

Ionage developer blog - Indie tactical RTS app for Android featuring battling space platforms - Alpha v0.63

I think the playtester newsletter may have been sent to everyone’s spam folders (yay!) so if you are already a subscriber but haven’t received an email with the new download link then check your spam folder!