Announcement – First new features

Hi all, I’ve finally decided what new features I’m going to be adding to Ionage over the coming months. The first of which could be implemented in the next couple of weeks.

The first thing that I’d really like to add is full integration of Google Play Game Services. This has lots of benefits including the support of achievements, cloud save features and more. It will also give me a good foundation for adding more features in the future.

At the same time as adding Game Services I also want to add a new feature that I’m calling ‘Diplomacy’. Diplomacy will be a system which lets you work together with other Ionage players to make yourself more powerful.

Ionage developer blog - Indie space real time strategy RTS game for Android featuring steam punk galactic treasure hunt - diplomacy

Here’s how it works, currently you can only get the Tribe Bonus badges by paying, Diplomacy gives you another option. Once per day you’ll be able to temporarily grant one of the Tribe Bonus badges to a friend. When your friend receives the badge, they’ll be granted the bonus temporarily for 24 hours. Although you’ll only be able to send a badge once every day, you’ll be able to receive as many as you like. So if you can convince 4 friends to all send their bonus to you, you can have all the badges for 24 hours – just long enough to take on those really difficult missions.

There are two reasons I’ve decided to add this feature:

  1. Although very rare, there is the odd person who has complained that Ionage is ‘pay-to-win’. I don’t believe this is the case, but I understand why some people think this as they see the badges available and assume they are required to win. Diplomacy gives players the ability to gain the badges temporarily for just long enough to get through the level you are having trouble with.
  2. Diplomacy will give players who don’t pay a way to support the game. The system incentivises players to invite new players to the game, which in turn, may pay or invite more friends. All of this helps support the game and hopefully will allow me to spend more time developing and adding new features.

Let me just stress these are just the VERY FIRST features I have planned and could be in the game within a couple of weeks. I’m doing these first because the Game Services integration and diplomacy features will give the foundation I need for the even cooler features that I have planned down the line, but I’m not quite ready to speak about those yet. ;)

To discuss the above please head to the dedicated forum topic.