Announcing Megaquarium

The day is finally here! I can announce the game that I’ve been secretly working on for the past 11 months. Here it is:

From the creator of Big Pharma comes Megaquarium. This is a game all about running your own public aquarium. It's a bit like Roller Coaster Tycoon but instead of roller coasters you are looking after fish!

It’s a game all about running your own public aquarium. Bear with me for just a second.

We all love games about running theme parks right? Well, imagine a game with all the best bits of that but with the twist that all of your attractions are ALIVE.

They have daily requirements that need to be met. For example, they need to be fed, their tanks need cleaning and equipment maintained.

Plus you have to be careful not to put the mean ones in with the little cute ones, or you might just end up with mean ones… if you get what I’m saying.

OK, enough preamble. Watch the trailer:


There are so many possibilities with this game and the more I’ve learnt about aquariums and looking after aquatic life, the more excited I get.

One of the things I’m most looking forward to programming is the staff management gameplay. With Big Pharma everything was very mechanical and you had direct control over everything. In Megaquarium the control methods you have available are more indirect.

For example you’ll be able to tell a specific staff member to only do certain tasks and only in a certain area. You’ll also be able to tell them to prioritise certain tasks over others. But that’s it, they’ll still be figuring out the rest for themselves.

Megaquarium announcement - a game all about running your own aquarium.

This means that the layout of your aquarium is going to be super important. For example, you may want to optimise the routes that your staff take between tanks by including staff access doors and equipment boxes en route.

Rezzed 2017

OK, are you ready for the most exciting bit. I’m taking the game to Rezzed 2017 in London, UK between the 30th March and the 1st April (just 2 weeks away!).

If you’re going to be there then you’ll be able to come say hi and check out the game first hand.

I hope you like the sound of Megaquarium (let me know below in the comments). For lots more information and screenshots check out the official website.

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  1. Ony 2 years ago |

    When first pre-alpha/alpha will be available? :)

  2. Tim 2 years ago |

    I’m currently aiming for release in Q1 2018. :)

  3. Brennan 2 years ago |

    Cool! We need a modern Zoo Tycoon type game.

  4. Pontus 2 years ago |

    Sounds like a cool game and idea! Will be buying, good luck!

    (Blog often) :)

  5. Lancelot 2 years ago |

    That sounds fun! I look forwarding to playing it.

  6. Zephyrnost 2 years ago |

    Great to see a new project from you Tim! I loved Big Pharma, good luck with this one!

  7. Ivan 2 years ago |

    Amazing! I love big Pharma and I’m sure I will
    Love this as well!

    Please have it on MAC on launch as well!!!

  8. Tamoor 2 years ago |

    Will you be at Rezzed all 3 days? Is there a best day to come to check out the game?

  9. Viewtifulrexx 2 years ago |

    This looks really cute. I can’t wait to see updates and play it when it’s available