Beta release date announcement

Yep, that’s right. Here it is:

4th June 2015

Just to be super clear: That is the date that anybody who has access to a PC and an internet connection will be able to go to the official Big Pharma website and buy a copy of the game.

We’re calling this a “preorder beta”. What that means is you are essentially preordering the full version of the game (since that’s what you’ll be getting eventually) but you’ll get instant access to the beta.

Big Pharma game beta release date announcement.

To mark the announcement, we’ve switched to a fancy new website which I hope you’ll agree makes the old one look a bit shabby in comparison (can you believe I have actually been paid to do web design in the past?). It’s also where you can find all the key facts, minimum hardware requirements and a little information about what to expect from the beta and beyond!

So head over there now! -

Extra little sub announcement. I’m planning to do my first ever Twitch stream on the day of beta release. Assuming I’m not inundated with bugs/complaints, I’ll try to keep the stream going all day. That way anybody who is on the fence can see the game in action and decide whether it’s right for them.

I’ll finish by saying thank you to everybody for being so patient (well some of you weren’t that patient but I like your enthusiasm – I’m look at you “I’m throwing my money at the screen” guy). I know I’ve pushed back the dates a couple of times but now you have one you can put in your calendar and wistfully count away the days to.

Soon pharmageddon will be upon us…

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  1. Chris Millard 4 years ago |

    I would buy the game today if I could. Also if you need a pre-beta tester please let it be me.

    Awesome job anyway dude

  2. Terrana 4 years ago |

    Hah! You actually used it!

  3. UsF 4 years ago |

    Releasing on a free day for me. Very excited. Thank you for this. Also Pharmageddon needs to be a cheat code somehow.

  4. David 4 years ago |

    Super excited for this. Been following for a while!

  5. Brendon 4 years ago |

    I have been following this since Vlog 1! I’m very excited to get a chance to play!

  6. Greg 4 years ago |

    Oh, sweet! Release date!

    Any plans for a Linux (and presumably Mac, because releasing on Windows and Linux is a strange combination) release?

    • Tim 4 years ago |

      Yep. Mac and Linux builds will come along when the final game is released on Steam.

  7. Omnirach 4 years ago |

    Ehrmagherd. Such excite, much anticipate, wow.

    I can’t remember how I came across this game, how I heard about it, or when, but from the first video I’ve wanted to play. I’d say I can’t wait, but I can, but only until the 4th of June.

  8. Marc 4 years ago |

    That comment just made my day. Can’t wait.

  9. Matt 4 years ago |

    Don’t worry about push backs! Just look at John Carmack, he always said it will be released “when it’s done.” and I think it has worked out pretty well for his games…

  10. Morberis 4 years ago |

    Super exciting about your game. Interesting stuff with the market interactions.

  11. CyberDude 4 years ago |

    I’m about to buy the game. The video tutorials looked pretty cool. Now, if only I could create some nasty diseases that I can then cure for a huge profit. Then I’d be rich, muh hah, hah!

  12. PROdotes 4 years ago |

    So I’ve spent a lot of time watching the game on youtube the last few days… mostly you and Hypnotoad… (since I live in a country where 24GPB is almost twice my daily wage)… )And while the game is loads of fun as it is, I have to say… multiplayer is really where the fun COULD be…
    It’s sad to hear that it’s not planned and I understand… But having a multiplayer mode where the host sets up the “victory condition” would be really fun… But having that in singleplayer could work too I guess…
    Pick the number of AI opponents… map size and other starting conditions… Then pick the victory condition… First to have a certain income… or first to have a certain type of drug…
    and then add the option to combine… so first one to have an ADHD drug that’s selling 40+ a month and has a rating of B or higher, while having a profit of 2.000 a year and not having any drugs rank D or lower :)

    But… so far… looks like a really fun game that could keep me entertained for hours… one day :)