Big Pharma at Rezzed 2015!

I’m pleased to announce that Big Pharma will be at Rezzed next year. The expo takes place from 12th-14th March 2015 and early bird tickets are already available from

This year the expo is located at the Tobacco Docks in London, moving from it’s ancestral home at the NEC in Birmingham.

Just like at EGX in September, Big Pharma will be in an area among friendly chums Gratuitous Space Battles 2, Prison Architect, War for the Overworld, Heat Signature, Poncho, Speed Runners, The Room Three, Omega Agent, FranknJohn, Volume and Maia.

So basically NOT TO BE MISSED!

Big Phama, the pharmaceutical strategy game.

What to expect

So what can you expect from Big Pharma by March?

Well by then the core gameplay experience should be feature complete, including:

  • Full production line gameplay including every machine and advanced logistics machines.
  • Hire explorers and send them on expeditions to discover new drugs.
  • Hire scientists and assign them to research projects. Unlock new machines, increase their efficiency, discover new technology to allow you to explore new locations and lots, lots more.
  • Full market simulation including AI competitors, random events, and cures that each react uniquely to market forces.
  • Prove the efficacy of your products (or massage the results showing side-effects) using the fully fledged clinical trial system.

From that point on it’ll just be adding that loving extra layer of polish in the form of objectives, achievements, balancing and… other stuff that I’m not ready to talk about yet. :D


I’m doing scheduled interviews this year to ensure I get to speak to everybody. If you’re press and want to register your interest in an interview with me then drop me an email at

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  1. Stadtpark 4 years ago |

    I’m new to Big Pharma.

    While creating a good “sandbox” game is the basis of each simulation, I wonder if you plan on having some sort of “campaign” or “winning condition”? (An “Achievements”-System doesn’t count.)

    Back in the time when I played the original “Settlers” or “Tropico” I could do so for weeks, but Tropico 4 and “Settlers 7″ I only played the campaigns… – I think it added to the fun, while maybe it subtracted from the total time game played?

    Crusader Kings II is more fun than Europe Universalis IV, because it has more roleplay elements / it is about “people”.

    In “Civilisation” you at least get a few different winning conditions – as a child it didn’t stop me from playing weeks and weeks – but in “Civ 5″ I only played a limited number of games: trying out different starting conditions and winning each way a few times.

    In “Fate of the world” (- if you don’t know the game: it is about limiting the greenhouse effect) you can play 5 ot 6 different scenarios with differen t winning conditions like: prevent the global temperature from risng 2°C until 2100; do so while avoiding “Megadeaths”, do so while avoiding “Gini” drop below X ( )

    “Big Pharma” could have a storyline: “save the world from epidemic X”: discover ingredient Y before the rainforests are vanishing, develop drug / cure Z to win the financial support of the WHO, produce enough of it until the epidemic strikes…

    If you don’t like one big story-arc you could implement some random events like this.

    • Tim 4 years ago |

      Hi Stadtpark, thanks for your insightful comments.

      I agree that the game needs some additional objective beyond just an open-ended sandbox. My plan is to add this in an optional sort of way, so that players can choose between going their own way and completing objectives as and when they like.

      There are two separate systems I’m currently considering: Win Conditions and Missions. The game may contain one, both or something completely different if neither is fun.

      Win Conditions – These are chosen at the beginning of the game and the player has complete control of these. There is scope for some predefined win conditions based on the chosen difficulty level. Win conditions could be things like: “Accumalate a net asset value of more than all of your competitors put together” or “Eradicate the four deadly diseases: Ebola, Cancer, HIV and Heart Disease”.

      Missions – These are generated randomly and in reaction of game events during play. They are completely optional but might have beneficial gameplay consequences such as monetary reward or positive reputation. Each time you or one of your competitors complete a mission, a new one is generated to fill its slot. Example missions could be “Cure 10 000 patients” or “Supply 5000 painkillers”. I like the idea of these missions being attached to random events. For example, a popup appears “There is an obesity epidemic in the US and the government had decided to take action. The first company to discover, produce and supply an effective appetite suppressant will be awarded an automatic patent and $10 000.”

      A hybrid of them both that I just thought of could be the mission system as above but with an accumulated score of Victory Points for each mission completed. Each game could have a user-defined win conditions such as “First to accumulate 20 Victory Points”.

      Settlers 7 did something similar in it’s skirmish mode which I thought was rather good.

  2. Stadtpark 4 years ago |

    In Railroad Tycoon II and III and in Elven Legacy you could win “gold”, “silver” or “bronze” victories on each map depending on what you would be able to achieve in a certain time.

    I noticed you like boundary conditions (concentrations, plots / fixed in-out-ports) – so please consider adding some sort of timeline as additional boundary on a meta-level (- I don’t want a limited time while constructing the factory though!)

  3. Stadtpark 4 years ago |

    I think balancing will be the key with missions:

    If they are too hard (short time to fulfill , big penalty for not delivering on time) players will only take them for things they produce anyway. If they are too easy (no penalty, no time limit) they might still be fun, but I might be missing the feeling of achievement: to a degree it is more fun to do things which are hard / feel challenging.

    Maybe you can bring in the competition with missions? Like building a unique Wonder in Civilisation? Problem then would be how to know if a competitor is at it… ( via “progress bar” like the winning condition screen in Civ V? Or by “spying”?). You could also make missions “branching”: at the start or at finish chose one of two options (maybe choose “reward-in-gold” vs “reward-in-tech / machinery or the other way round: speed up mission success by “sacrificing-gold” vs “sacrificing-staff / room or whatever?).

  4. Stadtpark 4 years ago |

    Oh there is no concept of staff right now is it? Maybe you can use it for an add-on: I’d rather play your game sooner than later ;-)