Big Pharma Full Release Announcement

Hey guys, the full release of Big Pharma is just a week away! This will also coincide with the Steam and GOG releases. The full release will include support for two additional languages (French and German) and Mac and Linux builds. The date and time you all need to put in your diary is:

Thursday, 27th August 2015, 9:00 BST

Yep, next Thursday.

Big Pharma has its Steam release on the 27th August 2015

For all the people who have already bought the game, your beta copy will automatically prompt you to update to the full version of the game using the normal patching process. Your installer links will also seamlessly update. In addition the Steam key you have been provided will automatically activate the moment we hit publish.

It wouldn’t be a full release unless it came with some cool new stuff though would it? I can confirm the following never seen before features:

  • Voiceover! We have an announcer notifying you of important events in your factory. Words cannot do this justice, you must jump in and listen for yourself, it sounds great!
  • 2 additional scenarios. In ‘Full Unlock’ you start with all technology unlocked but so do your opponents, what will you do with so much choice of what to build? In ‘Room to Manoeuvre’ plots are half-price but you have half the normal number of sockets. This makes huge, mega production lines are lot more affordable.
  • Modding support! This includes a proper in-game menu to enable and disable mods and allows you to dip your toe into modding without worrying about corrupting your base game.
  • Steam achievements! Well we could hardly do these before the game was released on Steam could we? There are a number of hidden ones which I think you will have fun trying to figure out.
  • Trading cards! My artist has made some top-notch trading card art and badges for you to collect. I’ve also written some back stories for each of the CEOs which you can learn if you collect their respective cards.

For those of you that haven’t purchased the game yet, next week might be the perfect opportunity. If you’ve been waiting to experience Big Pharma in its final polished state, here is what has changed since that first beta release:

  1. Crossroads – allowing you to create more complex production lines
  2. Drug packer – increasing the utility of low value products and creating yet another brain bending logistical nightmare to solve
  3. Industrial Espionage – allows you to spy on your competitors
  4. Patents – allowing you to protect your medicines against generic producers
  5. AI improvements – AI offer much more of a challenge compared to the earlier releases and definitely keep you on your toes
  6. Fully featured custom scenario creator – includes the ability to import and export your scenario creations
  7. Freebuild mode – unlimited money and starting with every machines allows you to enjoy the game at your leisure and experiment with its intricacies

Wish me luck on the launch!

PS We’re in the process of sending out review copies, if we haven’t sent you one yet and you’d like to review Big Pharma drop me an email!

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  1. Céline .S. Sauvé 4 years ago |

    The very best of luck on launch! (Even though it is on STEAM-DRM :p)

  2. Sketchy Medco 4 years ago |

    Wow that’s… unexpected! I thought it would be months away! I hope it gets the attention it deserves. Steam is such a wasteland of junk these days and people tend to overlook games that are a proper challenge. But I adore Big Pharma! And a bigger community (particularly with modding) would be awesome!

  3. Tristan 4 years ago |

    I am so excited! What great news!

  4. Gary 4 years ago |

    I look forward to Big Pharma on iOS. When might we see it release?

    • Tim 4 years ago |

      An iOS version is not confirmed.

  5. Quynh 4 years ago |

    All cool and stuff, BMT never emailed me my steam key, what gives?

    • Tim 4 years ago |

      Yeah they did. In the ORIGINAL email you got when you purchased the game you will have a steam key near the bottom.

  6. Peter 4 years ago |

    Congratulations on your launch! My brother and I are enjoying the mind bending of Big Pharma. I think its going to be a good seller on Steam. Now I wonder, any possibility for multiplayer in the future? We would love to play against each other instead of with an AI after we finish the preset goals.