Big Pharma Vlog #19 – Crossroads and AI

Episode 19 of the official Big Pharma video blog.

In this episode I show off the latest features to be added to the game. These include the 4-way conveyor belt, improved AI, improved loan system and a new type of ranked challenge.

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  1. DroidFreak 3 years ago |

    I am an American watching, but I have a midwest accent, not a southern accent. Southerners are just as weird to midwesterners as they are to brits. :P

    I loled at the t-belt edge case. It’s funny because it’s literally an edge case – it only happens at the edge of the building. :P

    As far as the forum post about the most efficient ways to lay things out, I might look into that. It’s a bit tough to be general about though since it depends on the situation. I think I might try the 3 cases of going either direction along a flat wall and filling an open space, since that’s about the most general you can get.

    Malaria is probably due for a nerf. In my experience, antimalarial drugs are wildly profitable compared to other drugs. The massive number of sufferers leads to a large demand and a miniscule saturation/line. In one game I had 4 or 5 antimalarial lines and hadn’t even reached 100% saturation. Although that was in the last update, so you may have already nerfed it.

    I like how you mentioned my “creamers are useless” post. Although it’s more of a “creamers are poorly placed in the tech tree”. And I’ll be sure to evaluate the difficulty of the challenges and post that on the forum in your feedback thread too. :P

    I definitely agree that you should change the behavior of export sockets to make them suck drugs. It’s a bit stupid when a belt has drugs on it and a place to go but doesn’t move. It might even be good to rework the belt system so that belts that are not hooked up at all will move drugs along them. Maybe make unhooked belt ends suck if that’s the direction the chevrons are heading towards? Could get a bit hairy in practice but intuitively a belt that’s not connected should still move.

  2. Alex 3 years ago |

    Hi Tim, great game!

    I have a bug to report relating to the crossroad belts, but I’m uncertain where that kind of feedback is best left. Apologies if this has been noticed already.

    You can actually see the bug at 51:45 in this video. Straight after the crossroad the blue item pauses on the corner for a turn before moving on. This happens in my factory too, mucking up the timing and making it impossible to get a 100% efficient set up.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Ciar 3 years ago |

    Hi, I just wanted to say thank you. Big Pharma is not the type of game I would normally play but I’ve picked up the game and it is great. The reason I bought it is because of your excellent interaction with the community and your commitment to providing updates, it really is an example to all of the games industry. I wish you and Cliff all the success in the world with this great title.

  4. Axel 3 years ago |

    Looks good to me :-) I can’t wait to try it. Those crossroads look so useful, and I like the changes to the loans and AI

  5. Couldn’t you make it so, that belts could go on a second “Z level”, I mean making belt-bridges… if you know what I mean. You wouldn’t even need to add a third dimension to the layout of the world, it would be enough to add another belt type (like having low belts and high belts and something like a ramp… ). I know that that would be a lot of work to do, but would’n it be amazing to watch ingredients crossing each other on different levels. It would also make crossing more efficient :D

  6. Glenn 3 years ago |

    Wouldn’t that make it too easy?
    Maybe not, you do have limited ports in/out of course…