Big Pharma Vlog #20 – Custom games and patents

Episode 20 of the official Big Pharma video blog.

Hey all I’m back with a new Big Pharma update. I use the all new custom game mode to create a game where I start with a brand new mechanic – patents! I also reveal translation news and briefly show off the new freebuild mode.

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  1. PTTG 3 years ago |

    This looks fantastic! Thanks! I can’t wait to put together some custom challenges!

  2. Dante Broggi 3 years ago |

    Repost from video “I think that in the custom mode we should be able to change the number of sections per building, the average size of each section, and the number of ports per section.”

    • Tim 3 years ago |

      Hi Dante, thanks for your comment. I’m on a very tight schedule between now and release and I don’t think I will be able to do this. Sorry.