Big Pharma Vlog #21 – Drug Packer and Industrial Espionage

Episode 21 of the official Big Pharma video blog.

In this game we jump into a game that I’ve already been playing for about an hour. I use a patent to lock out my opponents, a drug packer to maximise my output and then use the new industrial espionage ability to take a peek at what my opponents are doing.

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  1. Chris B 3 years ago |

    Tim, thanks for all the work put into Big Pharma. I find it infuriatingly addictive! (that’s a good thing, by the way!) Maybe you already noticed if you’ve continued your game, but one of the lines using the triple-packer setup wasn’t importing anything, which is why there was a gap in production.
    One question: will you be including a machine-count in any future update? Maybe something similar to the floating research point total, but located by the names of each machine on the research screen? It might be pure laziness on my part, but when I’m deciding what to upgrade next, I’m always asking myself how much of each type I already have in active use, and having the number would eliminate the need to flip back and forth from screen to screen so often. Not a huge deal, but might make a nice “quality-of-life” improvement.
    Anyway, thanks again! Always looking forward to the next update.