Big Pharma Vlog #22 – Release day

Big Pharma is officially released and I’ve marked it with a vlog.

Today’s vlog sees me talk you through the latest features that I’ve been saving for the full release plus we take a look at a challenge from one of the new scenarios ‘Room to Maneuver’. I also mimic the brand new announcer voice incessantly.

At the end I suggest this might be the last vlog ever, but that’s not true. I’ve thought about it and I don’t think I will stop making vlogs just because the game is out. I can perhaps get into some more in-depth gameplay analysis rather than just showing off new features. Perhaps I could even play your user-generated maps/mods. Let me know what you would like to see.

If you’ve enjoyed Big Pharma* in the Beta, or enjoy it as a result of it coming out today. Please consider leaving a review on Steam. It really is appreciated.

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  1. Hodhandr 4 years ago |

    Is it possible to transfer the game to steam/get a steam key for it, if you have already bought it?

    • Tim 4 years ago |

      Apologies for the late reply, whatever way that you bought the game originally, you will have already received a Steam key. If you got it via BMT, go find your original purchase email. If you bought via Humble Widget then log into your account and there should be a button to retrieve your key. Hope that helps. :)

  2. Mbdelta 4 years ago |

    I don’t have my original email with my Steam Key. Can I get a new email somehow?

  3. Gabriel 4 years ago |

    Heey, ive seen that your game got released and there is no spanish language pack, i may be able to create one for the game, contact me.

  4. Chris 4 years ago |

    Hi, I just happened across your game on Steam and thought it looked interesting enough for a later purchase. My resolve lasted only a few minutes, and having done the tutorials, I’m finding it really enjoyable and well put together.

    However…. T-Junctions are driving me insane. I’m finding it impossible to get them to move things in the right direction half of the time, it seems to want to move things onto lines that are feeding the opposite way, instead of into machines, and thus jamming everything up.

    Am I missing something?

  5. Dante Broggi 4 years ago |

    I just realized a possible exploit in your game, if you make a cure (with lots of active side effects) sell it till it gets bad ratings, then remove it from your products list and continue selling it. I assume that the rating will be reset.

    • Tim 4 years ago |

      Nope, really you are just hiding a product from a list, not removing it. If you continue selling it, it will just pop back up with the entire history intact.