In my previous blog posts I’ve introduced all the stuff in the game that you can build in order to destroy your opponents. There’s the platform itself connected by a series of nodes, to which you can attach cannons

Nodes and Upgrades

You’ll notice that at the centre of each bit of platform is a small node which acts as a substation to your core. Your platform can sustain some damage without too much of a problem…

Ionage developer blog - Indie tactical RTS app for Android featuring battling space platforms - broken square

… but if a node …


Lasers are defensive weapons used to shoot down rockets aimed at your platform. They have a short range but can shoot in 360 degrees so they can shoot down rockets even if they are not heading directly for the laser …


As I described in my last post the rocket launcher (or launcher for short) is the cannon’s big brother. It’s well-armoured and fires powerful explosive rockets, basically the little cannon doesn’t stand a chance one on one!

Ionage developer blog - launchers- launcher firing straight

However the launcher …


The basic unit of warfare in Ionage is the cannon. You build them at the edges of your platform and it shoots every few seconds or so straight ahead of it. If you’re lucky it’ll hit the enemy.

Ionage developer blog - cannons - cannon firing straight

So that’s …