Nicer zooming

With version 1.04 of Ionage, as well as a whole host of improvements to improve the stability of the game on low memory devices, you’ll also find an improvement to the game’s zooming.

Check out the wobbly video below:


Motorola issues

There seems to be an issue with Motorola devices playing Ionage. They run into consistent errors at the very beginning of the game.

Ionage developer blog - Indie space real time strategy RTS game for Android featuring steam punk galactic treasure hunt - Droid Razr

I have excluded all Motorola devices (except the Xoom 2 – which seems to work) from the …

The countdown begins…

It’s been a long time coming but Ionage will finally be released in 3 days time.

I’ll be clicking the big red button just after midnight on the morning of Friday 26th July.

Here’s what my face…

Alpha v0.63 is out!

This is the last version of Ionage that I’m bringing out before release. It showcases:

  • Around the first hour of gameplay from the release version of Ionage.
  • Full campaign mode, complete with unlockable upgrades and specialists.
  • Optional secondary mission objectives