Etoo London – 10th June

I spent the afternoon at Etoo at the Loading Bar in London on the 10th June. It was a really fun day and it was great talking to people about Ionage and getting people’s feedback on the latest version.

Ionage developer blog - Indie tactical RTS app for Android featuring battling space platforms - Unused promo codes

I was handing out promo codes which give additional in-game currency to users as a way of saying thanks to the people who popped along. I didn’t get through that many though so hopefully I’ll get a chance to give out a few more at some point!

One of things that I talked to people most about was how the game is going to make money. If you’ve been reading the blog for some time then you’ll know that I’m planning on giving the game away for free while including In App Purchases (IAPs) which let users unlock the full potential of the game.

I think nearly everyone I spoke to at Etoo disagreed with my decision and said they thought it’d make a better premium title (pay upfront). I was surprised in many ways because Free to Play (F2P) games generally favour the user because they get to play the game for a while first before deciding whether to pay. If they want, they can play the entire game for free!

It’s a tough decision for me because, essentially, I want everyone to play Ionage and to enjoy it! I don’t want to put a price tag on the front of it because that will immediately cut-out a large proportion of Android users who have got used to being able to try games (for potentially very long periods) before having to decide whether to pay up. On the other hand I don’t want to alienate traditional gamers who would prefer to pay upfront.

These two articles sum up the two different opinions perfectly:

Why I haven’t bought Frozen Synapse on iPad for £4.99 yet

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I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and I’ve been playing around with a strategy that could appeal to both parties. I’ll write about this in more detail soon.