Guy Cocker’s Video Games Podcast

Hey all, I appeared on Guy Cocker’s video games podcast on Tuesday and it came out today. You can listen to it here.

Or get it on iTunes here (it’s episode 15, released 16-08-13).

I was joined by Cliff  ‘Cliffski’ Harris of Positech Games – the genius behind such games as the Democracy series and Gratuitous Space Battles. If you’re a PC gamer and like your simulation/strategy games then definitely worth checking out.

Of course, asking the questions was the ever present Guy Cocker who has now got a great YouTube channel which is worth checking out for game reviews, let’s plays as well as hardware reviews of some pretty rare tech – he got his hands on an NVidia Shield a few weeks back!

We cover all sorts of interesting topics in the podcast:

  • What might be coming next for Ionage
  • A little about the process I went through making Ionage
  • Cliff’s latest game Democracy 3 as well as Red Shirt which he is publishing.
  • We run through all the latest news stories from Microsoft’s latest bid to pull back some of its credibility with the XBox One to Mike Bithell’s annoucement of his second game – Volume.

It was a really fun day and it’s a shame all I got was this lousy photo of the room we recording in. On the screen of my laptop you can just make out the recording being encoded into an mp3.

Ionage developer blog - Indie space real time strategy RTS game for Android featuring steam punk galactic treasure hunt - Guy Cocker's Video Games Podcast 13-08-13

A massive thanks to Andrew Smith (Spilt Milk Studios) and Appy Nation for hosting the podcast and treating us to lunch ;) .