Marketing and Malpractice – Out Now!

Big Pharma: Marketing and Malpractice is officially out.

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I’ve been working on this expansion full time since the start of the year and it has been an interesting challenge and learning experience for me.

Accuse me of arrogance if you will, but I was actually surprised how challenging it has been to design my first ever expansion for a game. It requires a different design philosophy to designing a game from scratch as you are more restricted as to what you can take out, because you don’t want to disrupt the “magic” of the original game.

Coming up with a neat little package of extra features that maintain balance with the existing design while offering something new and exciting is no mean feat. It was touch and go in around February but now I can say with confidence that I’m proud of what I have achieved with M&M and I believe it is a good expansion, worthy of your consideration if you happened to enjoy the original game.

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To avoid showing favouritism I’m going to include a link to the buy page on the official website which, while not being the prettiest piece of web design in history, does have the advantage of listing all of the store fronts where you can purchase the expansion. Buy the expansion.

If you already own the base game, it is recommended that you buy the expansion from the same place as the original game to ensure compatibility. The expansion is available in English, French, German and Spanish. Unfortunately we are still waiting on the Polish translation but rest assured, it is on its way!

Feel free to let me know what you think below. :)

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  1. Matt 3 years ago |

    Hi Tim,

    I’ve only had time to play one full game so far with the DLC, but really liking it and v. impressed. All of the fun strategy/puzzle stuff of the original is still there, and this then adds a nice layer of proper management sim on top. It really adds depth and interest, particularly to the late game, and integrates very well with the existing features. I found myself tweaking my strategy and what drugs I was producing right to the end to respond to the market, much more than I did in the base game, and even the simple stuff like being able to increase/decrease the price and having stock not immediately sell makes it feel like you’re in a proper market and can compete for market share – I was undercutting my competitors with cheap knock-offs or dominating markets with high quality, heavily promoted flagship products. Combined with some of the recent balancing tweaks, it really makes the game feel fresh.

    It really does what I think makes a really a strong expansion – while the base game never felt like it was missing stuff, it all feels like it was meant to work this way. None of it feels tacked on.

    Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys the base game.

  2. 2Hard 3 years ago |

    I found this game much too difficult to play. AI would have 100+ units out the door while I struggle with 20. Never can maintain a positive cashflow and the limited space for building is frustrating. I’ve spent days playing, but enough is enough.