New food types and I talk about how this addition makes for some interesting strategic choices.

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  1. Robert Waller 11 months ago |

    I was thinking about with the food and different type of fish menu’s. Make it in categories on the info menu windows. So Salt Water as a category list and Tropical fish as a category list of there very own. So players don’t get to confused on what food goes where and what fish goes in what type of tank set up. Only a idea I was thinking off. Keep up on the good work. :-)

  2. Robert Waller 11 months ago |

    Hi, I just thought. After watching you’re great game play video. About the auto buy items on food goods. That’s a great idea!!! But why not make it so you have to get a stock manger to buy stock in for the auto buy function to work. So you have to save money to unlock the manger and the manger will do the work for you and you can set how many items to buy. Refill in every 15 minutes or so. With out the manger you have to click on the buy item all the time. To make the game harder. And maybe a till staff with a deck. So customers have to pay to come into the aquariums. I’m sorry if this is not the best place for giving out feed back and ideas on the game. I just love playing Manger bass games and the ideas that goes behide the sceanes. I just get coward away with it all. Playing games like this I get ideas from it all. :-)