Speaking at the F2P summit in London – 10th October

I’m happy to announce I’ll be speaking at the F2P summit in London on the 10th October.

5 Mistakes and Lessons from an Indie Developer

Releasing a game is hard. Releasing a F2P game is harder. Releasing a F2P game as a one-man indie developer is just asking for trouble. We all make mistakes, and in this session Tim Wicksteed talks about just five out of the hundreds he’s made over the last year, releasing Ionage F2P.

Tim Wicksteed talking at the F2P summit. 5 mistakes and lessons from an indie developer

The talk is basically a ménage of a number of different insights I’ve had since launching my F2P space RTS Ionage. I’ll be looking at mistakes such as:

  1. Worrying about the wrong audience
  2. Seeing social integration as a liability instead of an opportunity
  3. Concentrated on quantity rather than quality of PR and marketing
  4. Not valuing you game high enough
  5. Not allowing free users to contribute

But more than a set of bullet points to avoid; this talk gives an insight into the thought processes that led to them and the change in thinking that was required to discover their solutions.