Big Pharma v1.06.11 Patch

Hey all, the latest patch is out for Big Pharma. The majority of the fixes affect the Marketing and Malpractice expansion only, but some of the bug fixes also affect the base game.


  • Fixed bug where there was a very small chance that a trial with no disqualifications still received bad publicity.
  • Trial results now update immediately after a trial is completed
  • Executives are not returned until completed trial results are confirmed. This prevents a bug where two trials on the same product could be completed.
  • Prevented hack where you could increase price after selling a product to win a “product with price greater than” challenge. You have to sell a product at the required price for it to count now.
  • Increased price requirement for Big Money Products challenge slightly but decreased number of products needed for Master.
  • Fixed glitch where buttons above sockets would become hoverable when you switched tabs, even when zoomed out.
  • Reduced Expert and/or Master level requirements for various challenges: Bottom Line, Game of Margins, Show Me the Money (also reduced time limit), Not for Profit, Regulation Business.
  • Added an extra forest ingredient to the following scenarios: Intermediate, Advanced, Crippling Debt, Room to Maneuver, Full Unlock.
  • Fixed bug where custom games did not always have 1 of every catalyst requested.


After lots of playtesting and based on some feedback from players I decided to add an additional forest ingredient to many of the scenarios. This eases the competitive pressure a little in the early game, especially in the scenarios where you have two opponents.
This makes the requirement to go up to Desert exploration a little less pressing (although still highly viable) and enables additional viable strategies such as getting an early Multimixer and going for Level 1 Catalyst cures.

In addition I’ve tweaked a number of the expert/master ranking requirements just based on my own playtesting. Some of these felt overly tedious or dam right impossible to achieve and so I believe the changes I’ve made should help that.

Please feel free to continue to feed your thoughts back to me via the forums.