WARNING: Small bug introduced in v1.04

Doh! I have introduced a small bug in v1.04. If you lose a level (let your platform be destroyed), and then choose “Restart”, you will not be able to win the level.

I am bringing out an update to fix this as we speak but until you have v1.05 please choose “Quit” instead of “Restart”, then reenter the level from the starmap. That way your “Win” will actually count.

Super sorry for any inconvenience caused. Make sure you download v1.05 as soon as it is out so you don’t have to do this annoying hack above.

Also a big thank you to Seth Kwitko for letting me know about this. If you run into any bugs please do not hesitate to contact me at feedback@ionage.co.uk or to post in the forums. I’m a one man team, it’s the only way I can effectively find all the little bugs :)